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Braddocks 7/26 Good, Bad And Pretty

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Braddocks 7/26 Good, Bad And Pretty

Did a late shakedown out of Braddocks. Ripped the boat floor out in April and then started sandbagging and breakwall building.



Low number of marks. few bait marks.

Fished blind with no temp/speed probe and only one downrigger

Best fishing was along the merky and clear water which was all over and not a line. Some of it was along 180' deep.

Ended 3 for 6 all small kings

spoon and FF took hits (silver 2 face/stud, NK 42nd, home made Warrior)




  1. The boat's new floor made the boat more solid and chopped the waves better
  2. Finally went for a boat ride and salmon fished
  3. Friend got his first salmon
  4. Fun Fun Fun



  1. 1st drop of the down rigger and the ball and speed n temp broke off
  2. Fish finder depth stoped working but started again
  3. Bulge pump was seized
  4. Braddocks port is not well marked. Stay near the green lights and poles. Not Red Right Returning. Large pile of rocks/concrete is unmarked just west of the pipes.


Pretty night and nice sunset






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Was it a Cannon Speed N Temp?? If so, I have one I'd like to get rid of.

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