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9 hours ago, garrymny said:

thats what the guy at the tackle shop said, and I wondered why? If they are good in the fall, why not summer?



One theory is this: They (J-plugs) will work at other times on an occasional fish but the Fall mature kings are not feeding per se Their feeding response has been inhibited and they are now homing in on their "birth" (or stocking) location to spawn and they will hit things that irritate them or appeal to their sense of territoriality but they are most  concerned with spawning and anything viewed as a potential "competitor". threat, or nesting obstruction, so brightly colored or highly active lure may fit this criteria and they will strike it viciously.

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On 8/1/2017 at 3:46 PM, Yankee Troller said:

I've put a plug in the spread on a long copper the last 4-5 times out, and it's been good for a fish or two. Many times they are good fish too! Can't hurt to try it in the spread.

Yankee troller,

    Whats the best size for this time of the year?? I know there are 3 different sizes to j plugs, i'm just never sure what size to run.


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J Plugs in Red , Silver , SIL- blu  also good for Steelies off boards  or on LC  in spring  , I use to run them 1.5 -7 range  & always caught some decent fish on them !

In fall they were one of my best producers day in day out don't realize why more anglers don't use this plug like years back its still a decent producer .

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