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Sandy Creek shootout- we laid an egg

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Not the result that I was hoping for. My new boat seems to be cursed. I have now logged more time than I care to think about - not a single fish. Nothing. Not a bounce, twitch or wiggle....since I got it....last August....


Today I had a tournament team for the shootout. We left at 5:15. Lures in the water at 6:15. We fished from 90 fow to 380 fow. Ran two riggers- two dipsey and two leadcore (10 colors) off walleye boards. Depth covered from 40-190 down. Used flashers- used spin doctors - used dodgers. Tried meat rig and multiple fly setups. Green spoons, red spoons, black spoons, white - glow and no glow. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I think I'm cursed. I went 1.9-2.6. Swerved- did everything I could think. I tested down temps using the fishawk TD...targeted areas....marked fish....nothing. Marked fish all day. Nothing. Most were around 100-150 fow and scattered through the water column. Ranged from 15 ft to bottom.


We fished all the way till the weigh in. Hit the Dock at 5:15 in Irondequoit with an empty cooler and a shattered faith in these fish. I've never gone so long like this.


Anyone know a way to break the curse? Exorcism?



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You need a fish hawk x4 not the TD. Speed changes with small turns of the boat. Temp is an important bit of information that you need to have readily available.

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