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Out of Hughes July 30th

Convinced my wife to go for a boat ride today. We had a leisure start after attending Rod Stewart concert last night, got on the water about 9:30 and motored out to 375' to start, worked our way to 700' and back in to 160' getting back to the dock around 4:00. We had 3 releases with no one home every time, marked very few fish or bait scattered out there, worked any area with marks to no avail. used riggers and wire from 60' to 110', wires run from 240 to 370. The good parts of the day where seeing all the preparations at Hughes for our veterans, Norm showing me where to park and giving me a ride back to the launch, the perfect weather on the water with manageable fleas and very few flies, watching wife relaxing on bow and a couple good sandwiches from the food trailer at Hughes. Hopefully better success next trip.


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sure was nice on the lake today . we went out of sodus , fished deep 450 to 650 . went 8 for 8.. 7 king 1 steely . lot of small kings and 1 around 15 lbs . 80 foot down on the riggers did the job . dipsy 240 and 260 also took fish today . i think i do better on the bigger king when getting beat up from 2 to 3 footers . but did enjoy the ride with the tunes and a cold one ..

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