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Cayuga. 7/30


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Launched out of Myers today at about 830 unfortunately got a late start. I hadn't heard much about fishing mid lake lately so decided to start south of Aes and fish our way north. Set up originally about a mile north of Myers in about 240 ft of water. Didn't Mark much out deep so moved in and glad we did. Marked tons of fish with bait 40 ft down over 70 to 80 ft of water. Set up shop there and caught 6 or 7 fish in 2 hrs of so. All fish came on dipsys divers out 160 with spindoctor fly combo. No fly out fished about her. Seemed any thing behind a flasher caught fish. All fish were Lakers in the 3 to 4 Lb range. Spent some time there and the weed seemed to blow in so we moved across the lake and started fishing south. Fished from Kidders back to T. Falls with simmaler screens. The 30 to 60 ft range seemed to hold most of the fish. Caught a hand ful more fish and then finished the day with a beautiful landlock about 4 lbs just south of T falls. Same thing all flasher fly bite. Anyway packed up the boat and headed back to Myers. Unfortunately boat broke down just out side the soot and I had to be towed back to the dock. Over all not a bad day. Weeds were bad on the east side and fleas were annoying but manageable on the west. Good luck out there.


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