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SLR Walleye 2017

Prof T

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SLR Walleye 2017

I know there's a new SLR  section, but we've posted here before and some guys might not follow that thread yet.


This year's been interesting, to say the least. The higher water, and thus higher current, have changed things up for those of us who fish the constricted areas of the river. June and July caused us to move off of our traditional runs in search of slacker areas where we could still get down and present lures effectively. Fish weren't stacked up like year's past, and you really had to have a dozen areas to hit to find cooperative fish. We still caught fish, but did a lot of moving and adjusting to do it. New spots here means lots of hangups and lost tackle. I left more gear last month than all of last year.


The past couple of weeks have been getting pretty consistent. Fish are showing up and there have been some really decent ones. Interestingly, a couple other guys along with myself have been landing some undersize fish. I got just one all of last year, and I have had four on over the last three outings. Can't be a bad thing.


Today's fish included one short, one decent one lost at the boat, a couple low 20's and a 28. Pretty typical of the past 5 or 6 outings.


Just wanted to let guys know we're still at it.:yes:

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Absolutely not.... i kno lots of guys like to fish them on the evening shift but There are plenty of eyes to be caught from 330-800am. As far as mid day fishing is concerned, it most definitely can be done. However, with very clear water the fish are deep. With patience and time Im sure one can get very proficient at picking off midday eyes.



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