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Olcott weekend

Fished Friday and Sunday. 3 boats made the trip over from Ohio.  All our boats crushed fish each day. Off shore 450 to 500 was best. Targeting 50 to 90 down as the temp moved slightly each day. Flasher fly bite all around with white on white, white 2 face, and chrome green dot flashers with stud fly or live lime mirage fly best. What a great fishery. Big steelhead, big cohos, matures and other year class salmon all playing each day. Will be back soon! Just a few pics of our boats action. 







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Nice job! We ran up there Sunday morning from Geneva, Oh. and fished the afternoon until blown off Sunday and then Monday.. Had a nice run and did well on basically the same stuff.. Although we had a mountain dew color spin doctor with a atomic glow silver and lime green ( don't remember the actual name) that was very hot behind the down rigger.  our 300 coppers were week, but dipseys and riggers worked well.. If you see black Starcraft Fishmaster that says twinmotors.net on the side, say hello! I share info, even if it's bad... 


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