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kicker motor help


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I recently was given a late 70s Electric Start Mercury 9.8hp outboard. I am thinking about installing this as a kicker. two questions i have are:

1) Does this motor have a charging system that i can hook up to main batteries?

2) If no charging system what is the best way to run my electronics

I am using:

2-Proos electric downriggers

1-humminbird depth/fish finder

1-lowrance GPS unit

1-VHF radio

I have two batteries installed, and hooked up to a PERKO selector switch.


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Usually the electric start engine have an alternator combo. Probably a 6 amp. The best why to find out is get the model number off the data plate and call a merc dealer to check for you. That information is in the model number.

Mine is a merc 9.9 4 stroke electric start 6amp-model# ME 9.9EH 4S

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What Stinger said is correct, but keep in mind that it's 6 amps running at higher speeds. At a low troll speed the output could be quite a bit less. With the dual battery switch, I'd keep my starting battery off line till I need it to start the big motor. Wouldn't want to run my electronics, D/Rs all day figuring the kicker alternator was keeping my main battery up.

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...some more good info on this subject a couple posts down..."Kickin Amps".

I've never even had a problem with the charging issue with the 6 amp alt. I run 4 riggers, VHF, GPS, FF, & autopilot plus any other little accessory stuff like in the summer when the wind drops out and it's hot I run 1 to 2 electric fans (maybe air conditioning some day :) ) in the helm area and the batteries stay fully charged. For $20.00 you can take all the guess work (and panick :shock: attacks :shock: ) out of the battery condition. Cabela's item # OG-016648. This unit tells you % of charge or capacity of the battery. Kinda like a fuel gauge for batteries.

Unless you are running electric trolling motors on your boat you don't need deep cycle batteries. I my opinion the Perko switch should never be on BOTH for any reason, even charging. Use one battery at a time and same with charging.

So back to your 6 amp question. I think it will be OK even if it's only a 6 amp kicker. Even though output is dependant on RPM's you don't have to be redlined to get 6 amps. My engine runs about 1800 to 2200 rpm while trolling and batteries stay fully charged even after 6 hours of trolling.

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