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Rochester Jerk Report With Pics

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Friday August 15 th day one of LOC derby.

Fished of Braddocks from 70 to 150 FOW...best picture was in the 130 FOW area. Had two fish that would of made the board but decided not to weigh in as they would not stay on long. Hot set up was the FAMILIAR BITE behind a 7" white e-chip flasher. The Familiar Bite bait head was Chartreuse in color with a red eye on one side...Best spoons was the Gator..

Caught two lakers on the wire dipseys with Familiar Bite ??? I was draging bottom and slow...maybe a little to slow

Saturday 16th

Tough day!! got a very late start and had to run the shore line down to the fishing hole because of the waves... Fished for about six hours and had

A few BIG FISH on..Once again the best fish came on FAMILIAR BITE!!!

The whole alwives seem to be the ticket for big fish..one note they must be rigged right or the will roll to fast.

Sunday 17th

Fished in water you would not think there would be fish in..130 FOW had 70 degrees on the bottom...did several nice Kings and a few Steelhead

in there and them moved out to 180 to 200 fow. Found temp down 100/120 49-52 degrees...Derby King 30.10 came on FAMILIAR BITE 120 down over 187 fow...White echip 7" flasher ...28 pound king same set up.

Had the Mix Veggies spoon take off 100 down and the fish just kept going until something happened and SNAP!!! gone????





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Way to go - nice fish!!!

We fished on Thursday and Friday eve. Lots of marks and lots of bait. We couldn't keep the skippers off on Thursday, but Friday was tougher. Fished mainly 135 to 200 fow on Thurs., but ventured out deeper on Friday (likely was the big mistake, b/c we marked tons of fish on the way back in at 9 PM down 40 feet in 100 fow).

Our hottest ticket has been the 42 second spinny/fly combo. and a white on white spinny/purple mirage combo. The rigger and wire bite has been great, although the 10 color core had a couple nice rips as well (NBK mag size spoon).

We're running our Familiar Bite (red size) behind a white spinny - I'm curious what your lead length from the flasher to the alewife is....

Thanks and congrats on the nice fish,

- Chris

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Good job Mark. I never made it down the lake quite that far all weekend and I guess I should have, opted to fish more familiar waters with no big fish to show for it.

Good luck the rest of the week!

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I run both Red and Green label whole Alwives.


It is whole alwives and I suggest that you run them that way. Do not try and cut into strips. Buy the Familiar Bite bait heads they fit both the red and green label fish.

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