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Seneca Lure Selection - Seneca


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Lure Selection - Seneca

Heading to Seneca in 2 weeks, north end between Geneva and Hi Banks.  If you had a few days to fish and had to bring / buy a handful of lures, what would you guys recommend?  Any certain brand or size of spoons?  Probably make a run to Cabela's (Buffalo) and get a few things beforehand.  Am capable of running 2 downriggers and 4 dipsys at a time.  Have a few flasher fly setups and some cowbells that I've used on Keuka. 


Nice post Sk8man on the Silvers! thread, I'll probably follow your advice on where to start looking.  Don't have a temp prob so will have to let the fish and bait show me how deep to run lures. 


Have gotten great advice on this site in years past so thanks for any recommendations ahead of time!

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lite spoons like ...mi stinger spoons , suttons spoons ,gambler rigs with cow bells , iron duke flies uv wild child work good . i haven't been fishing Seneca this year as much as past years , Cayuga has been on fire for me so been sticking to Deans cove . Good Luck 

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semperfi- I think if you incorporate the advice above with my previous post that you mentioned you should be good as that is right in the area that you mentioned you'll be I'd be circling that complete area until I hit either some marks or fish and then keep messing with them. Don't be surprised if you see dorsals sticking out of the water with rainbows and landlocks feeding on bugs....hard to get them to hit but sometimes if you stick at it they will hit the small 2-2 3/4 inch (esp. orange/silver or blue/silver). Can be fun with flyrod ad flies or poppers.

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