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Sandy 8/15/17 - afternoon trip

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Keith and I have been trying to get the boys out to fish the Orleans County Derby for the last week.  We planned a trip for this afternoon and it panned out.  We left the dock around 3:30 and headed to the laker grounds East of port.  Like the other day, the lakers were scattered but we made the best out of what we had.  Brayden and Mason reeled in 23 lakers and a steelhead in a couple hours of fishing.  Silver Glow and Blue Glow mirage Gambler Rigs behind Hammerhead Crystalina Watermelon cowbells put all the lakers in the boat.  The steelhead took a Green Glow Alewive stinger on a high rigger down 60'.  Best depth seemed to be 125'. 



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