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for sale : usa Rods and Reels

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Rods and Reels

I came to the realization that I have too many rods, so it is time to get rid of the extras. I am in the Albion area but have been fishing Erie on the weekends til sept. when I move the boat back to Lake O in the Oak Orchard area.


2- 8 ft Fenwick rigger rods with Diawa 47H reels  60.00 ea

2- 8.5 ft black widow med rods with Diawa 27H reels    50.00 ea

2-  9' steelhead special rods  med light action with Diawa 27H reels  50.00 ea

2-  10.5ft diawa dipsy rods with great lakes Diawa 47lc reels  60.00 ea

2- Diawa 47lc gret lakes reels  40.00 ea

2 - 47H Diawa  reels      40.00 ea

1- Penn 320 GTI reel      40.00










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Guys sorry for not replying quickly, was away fishing over the weekend and have been catching up at work. I will make calls tomorrow to members who contacted me first. I will update what is left after. Right now dipsey rod combos and 47lcs sold pending payment.

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Albion, is 45 minutes from olcott. Where are you coming from? East or West?  I will be fishing Erie Saturday and should be in Albion Sunday. I usually get out of work around 5:30 weekdays and I work in Albion. Give me a call to discuss. 585-nine four three - 9360. Bob

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