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Cayuga 8/19.


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Went for a family boat ride today. The wife me and 6 kids. Kids wanted to go tubeing so we dragged them around the lake in between t falls and aes finally wore them out so they went to sleep up in the cuddy and got to fish. Ran 2 divers and to down riggers fished on a south troll on my way back to Myers riggers were set at 80 and 60 divers set at 180 and 240. Went 4 for 6 in about 2 hrs worth of fishing. All fish were caught on spindoctor fly rigs. Marked a lot of fish again from 30 ft down to 90 with most fish marked in the 60 to 80 ft range. With what little time had on the water thought we did pretty good. Youngest son reeled in his first lake trout but refused to hold it for a pic. Kept 3 today. Rest are still swimming. Good luck out there hoping to get out again this week.was a awsome day to have the family on the boat. 20170819_161040.jpg20170819_175812.jpg20170819_161343.jpg20170819_175550_001.jpg


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