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I bay 8/20

Decided to start a little later today with my brother and niece, thinking we would let the lake lay down a little. Fished from 9:45 until about 2:30.

We fished primarily from 135 fow to 190, where we were at least marking occasional fish.

We went 4 for 7, with a brown, steelie, a skippy king, and one king at 14 lbs.

We lost an acrobatic brown that threw the watermelon spoon on its second jump, a king about 10 lbs at the boat that somehow broke us off at the dipsy after missing him with the net, and a fish on a spoon we never saw. Nothing was too large that we lost.

We had the kings on mountain dew spin doctors on dipsies set at 300. The brown and steelie were on a green pickle stingray and a blue stingray.

We marked fish from 90 to 110 down primarily.


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We had similar results Friday. Didn't mark anything. Caught few skippys and lost both of the nice fish we had on. Carbon mag spoon was the killer as usual.

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