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Great Lakes Special Events-Lake O Championship Series Update

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Great Lakes Special Events-Lake O Championship Series Update

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8/11/17: King of Kings Summer Shoot Out concludes and congratulations goes out to Team Diabolical from Michigan for the big win. The only teams participating in this one were: Yankee Troller, Thrillseeker and Fast Lane.... Yankee picked up the pace in the overall by placing 6th and earning 90 points. That has helped him move into 2nd place, just 7 points behind Team CBII/A-TOM-MIK. Teams Thillseeker and Fastlane did not place high enough to make a difference.

Next event on the tour is the A-TOM-MIK Invitational. Let's see if any teams can make a move in this event being held in Oswego, NY. Those participating teams include: CBII/A-TOM-MIK, Cannonball Runner and Thrillseeker.

8/22/17: The A-TOM-MIK invitational is in the books and congratulations goes out to Oh' Baby for winning the event. Team Thrillseeker was the only team of the 3 that had stakes in it that made a move by using that score. Team Thrillseeker placed 6th and earned 90 points. Cannonball and BCII only earned 54 and 56 points, which did not advance them. At the end of this one, the scores remain unchanged and CBII/A-TOM-MIK and Yankee Troller hold the 1st place and runner up positions.

The fall KOTL is the last event in the series. And as predicted, will come down to this event. Team Vision Quest is going all in with their second chance , while Yankee and Fast Lane are already entered in these events. As we see it, if Yankee finishes 8th place or higher they replace CBII and if VQ finishes 4th or higher, they replace CBII (unofficially) as well which means ultimately, it may be between these three teams for the overall championship and runner up position. It will be an exciting finish and CBII/A-TOM-MIK will be watching anxiously from Oswego for the final scores to come in on September 3rd. Good luck to everyone.

Again, the GLSE would like to thank this years sponsors: Dreamweaver, Fish Hawk, Northwest Savings Bank, Shark Cannonballs and the Wilson Boat Yard.

Stay tuned....

Captain Pete

(Link for standings)





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