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Fishing in Outer Banks NC


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Had a 6 hr amberjack trip on Monday. Caught 12 and kept limit of 6 along with some sea bass and a bonus cod. All caught over wrecks.IMG_2089.jpg

Yesterday had a full day on "Fishing Frenzy" of Wicked Tuna fame. Great day. Caught 2 white marlin,1 blue marlin and 2 sails. With a bonus 45lb wahoo to end the day. Missed 3-4 others. All released but the wahoo for dinner. First class operation all the way. Capt. Greg and 2 mates could not have worked any harder keeping fresh baits in the water and staying on fish. IMG_2114.jpgIMG_2121.jpgimagejpeg_0.jpg


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19 hours ago, ReelPower said:

Wow the pink on that Sailfish  is crazy!  What a fantastic day I want to retire there.

That fish is a white marlin I believe. We didn't get any pics of the sails. The other pic is the blue. 

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I like the Teaches Lair group out of Hatteras Village near the free ferry docks to Ocracoke. Lots of good charters there for inshore and offshore action. The blue water and Gulf Stream are often within 15 miles of the Hatteras inlet. Depends on winds and current, but usually not more than 25 to 30 miles out. Get yourself a gang of 6 to go or put yourself on a makeup list and save some bucks by shared expense with someone on a full day. Don't count out surf fishing with your own stuff and a 4x4 will really get you some great shore fishing. Trying for a trip this October or November myself!

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12 hours ago, ryanrobb52 said:

How far from shore did you have to go out for the billfish and amberjacks?

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Both trips were in the 20-30 mi range out of Oregon Outlet. Amberjacks were on structure like wrecks and a old US Navy communication tower which looked like an oil rig. Billfish trip was a little east of that. On Monday 8/21,eclipse day, it was dead calm. On Wed. It blew hard SW at 20-25.    :tmi:

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