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Out of Oswego 8/26/17

We launched from Wright's just before dawn on the "Down Time" 19' center console. Ran to 250 fow and set up with a bunch of other boats. Screen was blank all the way to 375 fow. Made a turn SE  and headed toward the plant. Managed a 12# Coho  off a dipsey back 300'. Beautiful fish! In 250 fow we took a small king from the same dipsey. After a long dry spell we kept trolling into 135 fow and had a mature King on a Sutton 88 down 130'. Finally,  the 600 copper took off with a Stinger UV chicken wing as I  flippped the reel clutch forward to engage the drag...awesome fight. Landed a 23 pounder.  Last fish was a beautiful 14# Coho on a Wonder Bread magnum J plug down  near the bottom over 137 fow. Finished the day with 5 fish. Hardly marked any fish or bait all day but we sure felt a few. Great day to be on the lake.  Good luck to all for the rest of the season.


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Great to see you got on the bite they were in the 130 foot range a couple weaks ago as well we were on the fish for the first 2 hours steady then went all the way out to over 600 .That was a mistake never leave fish to find fish they will be in tight for the rest of the season now makes life a little nicer except for boat traffic . 

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