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Flasher/fly and meat rig speed

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I was wondering what speed I should be doing for flies and meat rig. I have done ok on the spoons but have struggled with the flies. I usually troll between 2.4 and 2.9. Should I be going slower for flies ? Like this past Sunday I trolled 4 lines with flies most of the morning. I was coming back to the bar and decided to switch to spoons. As crowded as it was i just used the 2 riggers and had as 22# king hit it. Thanks for any help


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Speed isn't as much a factor for me as is the roll and action timing. If I'm using a spread of mag spoons in my program I stay with 2.4 to 2.6, but it's not exact science. The action in clean water to the side of the boat is critical with your set boat speed.

You need your meat head to be tuned with a bit of bending on the tab. With the meat installed and hook at the end of the meat drop it in on the SIDE of the boat in clean water, no draft as in behind. Check your boat speed, gps, and probe on a down rigger for your set. Then observe the meat in the water. It should be a corkscrew motion at a cadence of about 1.5 to 2 rolls per second. Corkscrew not a drill motion as on its own axis. Try to get it to look like it's chasing it's tail.

Get that motion at what ever speed you want to run at and you should have fish anywhere within a half mile per hour of preferred speed.


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