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Legacy- 2017 Deer Season


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Last night was good as I thought it would . Saw 8 different bucks, passed a nice 8pt that had a broken G3 about an inch above his beam. 2 bucks were running and grunting on a doe and a bruiser heard them and busted out of no where to join in. Unfortunately, he never showed again. Good hunt non the less. only saw a few doe, weird hahaha.

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I had client meetings this morning just south of Cortland..... On my drive down through farm country...I saw a beautiful 8pt walk out of a parcel of woods into an open field with his nose to the ground. He never skipped a beat for about 100yards. Then he stopped for a second. It was as if he snapped out of the trance and realized he was in an open field in broad daylight and took off running. LOL. Got my heart pounding even tho i was in the car. Cant wait to hunt tomorrow!!



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November 2 pm

65 degrees

sw wind 5-10 mph



Not to sound like a broken record but...

Lots of does and fawns seen again tonight. A couple of small racks harassing every doe they see.

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I'm pumped to start my 2017 grind. Hard for myself to believe but today will be my first morning hunt this season! Have stayed out as much as possible to keep pressure down. Headed Into one of my best spots shortly! Good luck guys!

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