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Legacy- 2017 Deer Season


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20171118_090928.thumb.jpg.d521312b503c33207021379dc3cfb4bd.jpg Remington 1187 20, cantilever fully rifled barrel. Also have a winchester 70 30.06. Like the 20 for quick follow up shots, as first part of season as neighbors can be dicks. Sitting in my blind I built this year. Hope to break it in, but haven't seen anything yet. No rain her inn wyoming co


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Took my nefew out for his first opener.  Had a great morning the buck came out and hit a scrape  after watching a fox mouse around us for over an hour !  20yd shot dropped him 

His first deer ...One happy kid !!20171118_083437.thumb.jpg.a3427ac487abb769426aec86c2929a49.jpg


He was about in tears.  He asked how old it was I told him at least 7.5 and declining....the one iv been after for years  :lol: 


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Just got out of the woods changing it up to a different spot. On the walk out bumped a doe and small buck out of some thick stuff about 300 yards behind the house, only deer I saw all day. Almost shot the doe but figured she was locked down with that little buck I should let her breed and hope she makes it.

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