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Legacy- 2017 Deer Season


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November 23 am- Thanksgiving
36 degrees
SW wind 5 mph
Partly cloudy becoming overcast

Beautiful morning to be in the woods. It sounded like army was invading Western New York out there. Enough gun shots to rival an average opening day. Great day for my kid. He made two great shots on two button bucks. He missed a "decent" buck also. Clean miss, open sights, 75 yards in the brush. I'm calling it a great day. Great to see him in his glory!


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8 minutes ago, JakeyBaby said:

I too thought 2.5 all season. But have been doing a TON of research the last few weeks on aging and body structure. To me these pics the i got I'd him yesterday lead me to believe he is 3.5. Just a guess obviously as they are tough to age without a ton of history. Neck is wider then his face, back and belly have a downward sway to it, and chest is filled out.


I agree with 3.5. Hes a stud 2.5 or small 3.5 year old but either way one more year will do him wonders.

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2 hours ago, Gator said:

Matt, that's going to be a pig next year.


Congrats on the donkey. One of my guys had a button buck that was gut shot by a neighbor lying under a bush 15 yards from his stand this morning. He didn't see anything. I wonder why? He probably chased the coyotes off it when he went in. 


I, on the other hand, have no excuse for not seeing anything. Same deal as opening day. Word on the street is that Rob's Farm shot nearly 80 deer this year on nuisance permits. I don't know if that's true, but if it is, first, they have a deer problem and second, they may have gone overboard. I did notice that I was overrun with small bucks this year but few doe. The same thing happened two years ago, and the same rumor circulated. Nothing to be done about it, I guess. So long as we're near a park, DEC is going to hand out permits like candy at Halloween.


Gobble, gobble everybody...

I also hunt in a block that is farmed only by rob fruit farm and have access to 220 acre, 140 of which the land owner would rather let golden rod grow then let that guy farm and murder deer. I have hunted it for 12yrs which use to be able to seen a dozen deer a sit and multiple quality bucks a season. The last 5 yrs I have watched numbers go down and I thought last year was rock bottom until the 2017season rolled in. First 2 sits and zero deer. Left me wondering if some diese wiped them out??? When we first got the land we could see 25deer in a sit. Its going on 4 seasons with out pulling the trigger. I am not goin shoot the last deer left and be responsible for their extinction. Thanks buddy. It makes it hard to get my younger boys and future hunters to stay interested in hunting when we don't see anything. The habitat hasn't changed much and the number of hunters is way down from what use to be parked around the block .  Not one shot heard in block I was hunting this am.  Is there a common ground we can reach. 

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Today I’m thankful for someone (who doesn’t have permission to be here) building a nice little blind and leaving a lawn chair in one of my favorite powerline spots up here. Now i just need one of the 15 big bucks in the whole Adirondack Park to walk by. Image1511472197.961043.jpg

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Negative, talked to them over the phone. From the information i gave them , they figured it was due to infection. They told me they would give me a tag but would cut the rack off and I would need to discard the body! That wasn't going to work with me, not getting my rack sorry!

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