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Legacy- 2017 Deer Season


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WOW, that weather forecast cast is an eye opening, Winter is here!! All season it’s been cool in the morning but by 10:am better have refrigerator room!! I remember other years where we hung them quartered up in the smokehouse and they were froze bone hard, this whole year was one screwed up season. From guys trolling in February for browns then the the fishing season was a washout in the early part. We didn’t hunt small game it was in the mid to upper 50’s, bow season was very warm, and the rifle season we ended up packing the chest cavity with ice to buy us time to hunt longer. This week is doe and buck, then that’s it for the rifle season. We in Pa. have a Flintlock season and you can use a bow also. I’ve shot my share of deer with my “Flintstone” :lol: rifle and I enjoy that season also!! Best of luck to all, and I wish many are successful this season!!!:yes: :yes:

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That’s hilarious :lol: But a man gotta do what a man gotta do.:yes: :yes:

I had a customer come in one day for service on his car with a doe strapped to the roof of his white VW Jetta. The sides of his car looked like Texas chainsaw massacre!

Thanks for letting me share.
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 been out a bit recently been pretty quiet. passed up one descent 8 point one evening,  had a doe come by me at 15yds  breathing super heavy like she was being chased but no one behind her.  saw a button buck and 6 does the other morning.   and have one spot with a ton of tracks but not seeing the deer so threw the camera on it friday and  had 32 videos all deer at night two videos of deer during the light one smaller buck that was has a pretty good mark on his back and a doe and fawn.  mostly doe but 5 bucks walked by one was chasing a doe.  moved the camera yesterday to behind my house seeing tracks of a big one and want to get eyes on what he is!      




video-1512537995 (1).mp4

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6 minutes ago, EsoxAC3 said:

Mom has a great spot! Colorado? Never been. Always wanted to go.



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What in gods name are you waiting for, whitetails, mule deer. Take the opportunity, life is to short. Do it while you can!!:yes:

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