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Legacy- 2017 Deer Season


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December 13 pm

20 degrees

West wind 15 mph



Well. I blew a great chance tonight. A little after four I had a 3pt come out of the bedding. A few minutes later walking the same path a good buck walked out of the bedding and stopped dead in his tracks. He knew something wasn't right. He may have picked me out of the tree. Amazing how the mature deer have a sixth sense. After a couple minutes he takes off running. I try to stop him with a mouth grunt but that only makes him run faster. He stops in the field once he gets to the other buck and looks back at me. I rushed to get the cross hairs on him and squeezed the trigger. Clean miss. 90+ yards. Decent buck. 10 point? And the adventure continues.




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Well it took too damn long at my tire appointment this afternoon (almost two hours) and because of it I missed the afternoon hunt. I did some "road scouting" and there were deer every where. Apparently I missed a great night to be out.

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So I had my first bad experience muzzleloader hunting. Got in after work on my plot. Had deer come out. Then a 8pt. Not huge but I have never killed a buck with my smoke pole so I decided to take him. Gun went blah. No idea what happened gun shot great at the range. That took the wind out of my sail.

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