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Legacy- 2017 Deer Season


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Go figure at the site in the rifle works perfect, put a deer in front of the barrel and “Click” I can’t tell you how many times that happened to me in the Pa. Flintlock season. Take the gun to my bench to fire it off to see why the failure and KABOOM at that point I’m ready to wrap that F’n gun around a tree. So I took it to strictly Flintlock shop, WOW what a difference that made. I have a Lyman corn stalker, I also put a Green Mountain barrel on to shoot sabots. I feel your pain!!

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Snowplowing has kept me busy the past few mornings but I'm out here this am. Love being out here in the morning. No different from fishing, I'd much rather fish the mornings then any other time. Now I just need some deer to make it interesting.

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18 hours ago, shakenbake114 said:

So I had my first bad experience muzzleloader hunting. Got in after work on my plot. Had deer come out. Then a 8pt. Not huge but I have never killed a buck with my smoke pole so I decided to take him. Gun went blah. No idea what happened gun shot great at the range. That took the wind out of my sail.

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  As they said in the old days "keep your powder dry & pack it tight!".   make sure your bullet & powder are down all the way & put a piece of tape over the muzzle in snowy , rainy, damp weather.  I use a finger cut off a plastic glove (5 pack, ha) or a balloon. over the muzzle.    jmo

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