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Legacy- 2017 Deer Season


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5 minutes ago, bondouley said:

Back at it 2 more days to get the wife a deer. Could of shot a doe on the walk in but was 10 mins before legal. Hopefully we get some more movement

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Good luck! Ill be in the woods tomorrow looking to get my kid one last shot at antlers for the season.

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Walked around My friends land yesterday in potter tracking deer time was running out so I called it quits.. walking back up to the truck and came acrossed bear tracks... looked like maybe 150-200lbs.. IMG_3374.JPG



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Hunted with Pequod1 on Gators land this morning. Took a gimpy one out of the herd. Her leg had been busted and healed with the hoof facing the wrong way. She was struggling to make her way through the snow and brush. Interesting prints in the snow! IMG_2662.thumb.JPG.1284c9ea4f0e10a6a67f8917998d3826.JPGIMG_2661.thumb.JPG.d10ea66a1878f0530b66aab6f942915b.JPG



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Shot my doe on the way to the stand tonight. Had to more come through as I was tieing myself in and then it was on! Deer filed through one after another the whole time I was on stand! They are still pounding the acorns. First time my woods has been Sat since bow season and it is absolutely loaded with deer. Saw somewhere around 25 deer and 5 of them wearing bone on their head. Very fun sit!

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3 minutes ago, dvdegeorge said:

29 days in a row of hunting every day of gun and muzzle loader

Finally got it done this afternoon 

29 days 1.jpg

riga brows.JPG

Great deer. You're blessed to be able to hunt that many days in a row. Savor every minute as it's one less year to hunt until it's all over

Thanks for sharing

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