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Iso planner mast

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1). I have a big Jon dual reel electric with spanking brand new electrical cable and switches.  Planned on advertising in March but if you are interested let me know.


2). Rochester's Craigslist under "sporting" has a big Jon dual manual with 2 otterboats for $400.


3). anchor express.com  had a sale on big Jon dual manuals, new for $209, but the sale may have ended on 8/31/17.

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Although I am still using the mast I can let it go now rather than waiting till spring.  Note that this dual reel electric mast has brand new cables.  I purchased them from big Jon just this past summer. The cables come with 20 feet of 16–2 wire, male and female power cords, switch Housing with rocker switches, and a 10 amp breaker. New cables for each reel.  The big Jon part number for these cables is 51145/ASM2.  The cables cost me $140 each, Plus shipping.  There is also new 135lb line on both reels.  I thought that I would really like electric reels but I found that I still prefer manuals.  I just ordered a manual dual mast from anchorexpress.com.


I will sell the electrics for $450.  I live a little south of Corning NY.  I fish Cayuga Lake and Lake Ontario out of Sodus and Oak Orchard often.

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