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Owasco A boy and some silver!


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A boy and some silver!

Took a young boy out this morning that was eager to fish, after a tough couple hours of battling weeds and adjusting depths we locked up and the battles began. He learned quick and was rewarded for it. Cores started the action with copper and riggers to follow later in the morning. Temp went deep and the break was below 55ft. Good day for a slow start, finished with 7 bows and a couple lakers in the zone........and a happy boy to boot.








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One of the best genuine measures of happiness is the look on kids faces when they are enjoying themselves -especially when they have caught a fish they are proud of.:):yes:

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Yea that's a great catch!! I'm sure you just made another future trolling guy!! Pics are great and so is the smile on the young mans face!! Congrats and thanks for taking a kid fishing!!:yes:

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