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Kevin J Legg

Thoughts on slot limit on SLR walleyes

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MAN, I wish is was in better physical shape, I’d stay up for a week to help with such!!

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Plus all or most Canadian lakes  all have a slots anymore. Most all lakes up there are natural reproduction lakes, in the late 70’s was they’ll never catch all the walleyes, well roads got cut in, next they allowed bigger boats, motors, so you didn’t have to watch the wind all day to make the correct call for the evening bite. Now they can fly 35-40 mph to the other end in 20 mins. Instead of a mere 5-6mph with the trusty 9.9. 20 years later slot- limits for 10+ years to get the fishing back to somewhat what it was when we used to fly in. No I’m not college educated, just like the old Indian guide said, you took them out by the truck loads and never brought 1 back.

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