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Seneca Seneca question


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Seneca question

I hear a lot about the lake being slow and have heard it referred to as "dead" once or twice.  When people talk about the slow fishing are they talking about just trout and trolling or all of the fishing in general?  I am not a troller, yet, but I do have a couple old big jon captains packs my uncle had on a boat years ago and have been thinking about putting them on my boat.


I have a cousin that has a permanent camp site at Smith Memorial park and I have been kicking around the idea of "giving" him my boat with the 1 condition that my son and I can come up and use it with him and his son as we want to.  Due to my schedule with my kids and sports, the boat sits around 90% of the time and I figured he can get some use out of it!  Would it be worth me having him store it up there and fishing Seneca or just keeping it at my place and use it to go where ever I want?  Is the fishing that bad there for bass, panfish, pike, even trout?


Thanks for any replies!!

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