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Skaneateles Skan 9-8-17 & 9-9-17

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Skan 9-8-17 & 9-9-17

Fished both mornings.  Friday morning we landed 3 RT and 12 LT and lost quite a few leapers.  Great day of fishing.  This morning was poor.  Only 4 small LT and never hooked a RT.  Not sure what the difference was, but that's fishing.  

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Here is a picture of the two biggest RT.   Odd that this year we did not catch any sub- legal RT or any LLS.  Generally tough fishing compared to last year.  Lots of perch fry this year and rain stained water.0908071516.thumb.jpg.fd0b95bb3484262a87f52c64b3468e84.jpg

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