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Ruff Rider Live Report September 10th 2017

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WOW all that north wind blew a lot of warm water south and drove the cold water  deep.

Hope you have plenty of cable on your riggers! and how far back would you put a dipsy diver ? 500+

Take all week to bring that fish in..

Perhaps we should try ocean jigs in the 3 or 4 ounce range with Sawbellies  ?


Dr W

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My parents used to live in Naples and Marco Island back in the early 90s. Still have some friends that live there

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Yeah they are in the eye now after 120mph winds... so far so good, but lost power early this morning.

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Nick are your parents ok, let me know if they need help

Thanks Lester! I received word a short while ago that everyone was ok and only minor damage to the house. Yard is a disaster and there will be a lot of tree removal needed once the new lake they have receeds. It could have been much much worse.
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