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Cayuga Cayuga 9-11-17

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Cayuga 9-11-17

Thought I was going to Lake O to take my cousin from Tennessee with us for some king action but at last moment he bailed on us. He said that the mornings here in NYS are too cold and he wasn't prepared clothing wise for it. I told him I'd loan him a parka and some moon boots and gloves but he opted out anyway....unreal :lol:.  My son and I instead decided top go after some silvers on Cayuga and launched at Deans about 6:30 AM. Only one boat there when we parked and it appartently stayed that way through the morning as he was the only boat we saw out there. We marked a ton of bait and a bunch of fish right out from the launch in about 50 ft of water. We tried working them and gave up after no takers and headed north for a short ways with the wind until very shortly we ran into huge pods of grass all over the north so we headed back south with intermittent weeds along the way and it continued all the way to near Millican when we turned around. Mostly west side trolling in and out off the drop offs adjusting three riggers (until the board on the Digitroll on one screwed up) 2 leadcores and a wire rig up and down along the away with no success other than 4 lakers and a dink landlock. We worked mostly the 35-80 ft interval over the various depths. We saw a few fish right on the surface and a couple big ones jumped and they were silver but nothing showed interest when we tried running the riggers up there close. The lakers came on riggers and wire and were up higher than expected (50-60 ft) and we didn't seem to be able to stay away from them. We did see a apir of eagles high up and one that grabbed a silver fish and flew by with it and it was a pretty decent sized fish too. My thinking is that the bright moonlit night had the fish feeding during the night and they just weren't actively feeding and there was an abundance of bait available. Fun time anyway. Interesting how much more bronze colored and more brightly spotted  the lakers are in Cayuga than Seneca or Canandaigua for example.


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I agree with the moon theory that they feed at night. Also kinda wonder if the Lakers are turning pre spawn and shut down a bit. Or the slight temp drop is slowing then down a bit.. either way, good job grinding it out.. Just like you always do Les!!

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Thanks John. Hey Hop you're right it was a mess including the 16 rods I brought on it :lol: That is what happens to old timers... "over compensation" and laziness.:) See what you have to look forward to.....oh that's right you're already close:lol:

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