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Dave Kaboom Nitro Shiners (shallow)

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These are a few of the Kaboom lures I bought last year and had the done up by Nick, lures with a twist, he's done quite a few lures and spoons for me, I just ordered a few:lol: more Kaboom's I see there are a few other brands mixed in but you can see the difference, I've added tinsel tails off other lures etc.IMG_0807.thumb.JPG.2a28b07c30330af59819af2134fe3b7d.JPGIMG_0808.thumb.JPG.37565a99dc36998665c0b43467aaff5a.JPGIMG_0809.thumb.JPG.435c45deb21c3575e3a893d1b5089d24.JPGIMG_0810.thumb.JPG.00dfdc98e140203c72fe90cc65b601fc.JPG

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