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It was nice to see the DEC at Chautauqua today. I was checked while trolling and they did it without making me stop, which would not of been a big deal if they did. Very nice guys.  After checking my license I suggested they check a boat I noticed net a very small musky and did not see it put back. They ask the description of the boat and occupants, to which it would not be hard to find by the occupants description. The DEC spent a very long time at their boat. After that I did not see them fishing again.  When I docked at the launch to load my boat DEC returned and docked, I asked if my tip led to anything illegal ? They said multiple violations.  DEC said a lot of out of state (Non-Resident) without NY Licenses were issued citations. Glad to see DEC on Chautauqua. They even had two Officers on Jet-Skis. They said they would be there more often.












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Yes Adam I agree, I told them there is a few that don't like to wait for the musky season opener ( Witnessed this a year ago).  And that I was told by a non-resident, buying a NY license for fishing Chautauqua was not necessary for the Chautauqua Sheriff don't check licenses, that they just drive around the lake and watch the no wake zones and this person said " I have yet to see a DEC Officer here"  


My NY license is a much better investment than my PA. license is !! 


I too was very glad to see the DEC at Chautauqua and thanked them for what they do and for being there. I said that they should be here more often, they said they will.

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