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Cayuga 9/10 Late Post


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Launched out of Taughannock Falls dark and early. I decided to head South and try a new pattern for the morning. Not a hit for hours, but grass was a serious problem. Switched one rod over to a spoon and took a 2lb brown. The skunk was off, but this pattern sucked.


We headed up lake and set my normal laker/landlock setup. Consistent fish from there on. Didn't boat many big boys like the last trip, but did ok.


Took a few fish on the larger SD and 5"-6" flies, but once we switched to the 8" SD and 3"-4" flies, hits picked up.


Fish came in 60' - 400', all lines ran with a dipsy set anywhere between 20'-100'. My leadcore down the chute didn't take a hit all day.





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