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Anyone panfishing yet?


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I'll be honest. In 20 years of fishing(I'll never claim to have the knowledge that someone much older than I has) I've never seen the perch population struggle in the big water I fish. I hit the big spring runs of the st Lawrence and on Lake Ontario. Despite no limit in those areas not one year have I said man the numbers are down. Every year seems just as amazing as the last. Some days you can catch hundreds of pounds. I'll only sell occasionally in the spring and that's it. Otherwise I've never kept more than 50. However in smaller bodies of water inland I could see why a 25 fish limit would

be smart. The big water I think can sustain the population bit the smaller bodies of water I could see overfishing create more of as issue just an opinion on the matter 

New phone is writing for me unknowingly. 1000 islands always seems to have a good population tho I have to admit it's been pushing 10 years since I been up there


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Gethenet2 - I believe that Lake O is a very different fishery than the Finger Lakes and other smaller inland lakes and the potential for overfishing perch is quite different too, so I should think it can support the 50 limit without any problems and if they do ever change the regs for the Fingers I don't think they would need to change things there at least given the current status.

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This is an interesting thread.  I have lived on Lake Ontario for 60 years and have seen the perch numbers rise and fall in some kind of cycle.  I'm not sure if anyone really understands why but I don't!  Conesus Lake used to be an outstanding perch fishery.  On weekends during ice season there would be thousands of fisherman mostly from Rochester, no limits on perch back then.  The fishery was able to sustain that pressure and the spring/summer fishing was excellent too.  Now the perch fishing on Conesus is poor at best.  I have read that the cause of the perch decline on Conesus is due to the introduction of alewives, which apparently consume perch fry and eggs.  On Lake Ontario we have cormorants now in huge numbers.  Supposedly they take a serious toll on juvenile perch.  Gobys are abundant and eat eggs.  It's a complicated situation and I guess I trust the biologists to make the best possible decisions.  We still have some truly excellent fall and spring perch fishing available to us.  


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