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Oswego used to have a good amount of big walleyes.  I haen't been to Lake Ontario fishing in many years, been to busy chasing those lake trout jigging in Keyuka for ten years at least.  We used to make good catches of big walleyes either casting or trolling at the entrances around the middle jetty there.......jk

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Fishnut I wouldn't have "never" directed that in your direction!! All you've done for me this year I'd have to be ludicrous!!! Anyway I'm a man of my word and next year, you'll be onboard the 1 Worm!! Chasing those NO--SEE'ums, LOL

Where do you spend most of your time fishing Pap? I'm for sure interested in spending a day on 1 Worm next year. I mostly fish the smaller lakes of eastern Pa. Kinzua, east branch, 1 time on Raystown lake. ( too many PWC,s ) and Lake Erie any time I can get time off work. I usually make 2 or 3 trips to Lake Ontario every year. I use to fish the finger lakes for Bass a lot, years ago. (Had a go fast boat back then). Lol.

O and I got 5 more of those riggers for parts. They all have the new style counters on them though. But all the other parts are the same. I'll send you a picture later. All the motors that I've tested work so far.
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