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Yes you will break your fish off on 4 lb no need to go that light you not fishing with dry flys for 12 inch fish . I would run very long leads like 150 feet behind the ball you could place a cheater spoon 5 to 10 feet above your down rigger ball .If you only have riggers you should invest in some keel sinkers as well as tad polls so that you can run flat lines at desired depths another option is lead core . Dont forget to run a flat line in the prop wash .GOOD LUCK

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On ‎9‎/‎20‎/‎2017 at 1:58 PM, thumbburn said:

4 lb floro leader..... stealth

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Now why would you say that?


Lake Michigan guy here, moving near lake o. Had lots of success on Browns bouncing the rigger ball on the bottom w/ gold Fin Hammered spoons, 30' behind the ball. Light line, say 20 flouro. Hope it helps. If bottom is rocky with lots of hangs, bounce it once and give 3 turns or so. Browns (and Rainbows) will follow the Kings in (below). I believe that's why they key in on stirred up bottom. I'm not sure about Gobies in LM. If bluebird sky and full moon night before forget it. Let's hope they don't mess up this lake like LM...

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