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Booner Blind Reviews

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      Hi, all.  Going to be spending the last week of Aug in a place on the river, just north of Chippewa Bay & Blind Bay.  Before the rest of the family gets up, I'll see what I can catch from the dock, but after they get up, what are some good spots to take the kids fishing for some high probability shore fishing?

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      I run cameras 365 days a year. Most brands I've run last about 2 years before issues start. My most recent cameras have been problem free for 2 years now so thought I'd share with lou friends. Browning strike force have been the best for me. The only issue I've seen is when battery life is below 50% I start getting black pics at night. Fresh batteries resolve the issue. What do you guys run? And how reliable are they? I've had bad luck with Bushnell, hco, covert, and Moultrie. Sent

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      So it had been a long day at the office with excessive brain strain.  My wife and daughter are in California for a softball tournament all week and both boys had work until after 9 tonight.  The original plan was get home and veg while finishing the lawn that I had half done before dark last night.  Well, a serious shower skipped Seneca Falls but hit East Varick head on so the lawn was out.  What to do.....go fishing of course. So boat in the water at Dean's about 6:30.  Oops, the bozo who

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