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Has anyone ever ran 30-50lb roller rods?

Cameron Jaeger

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Has anyone ever ran 30-50lb roller rods?

I was looking into buying roller rods and found some 30-50 lb roller rods, I have previously ran 15-30lb and those work great but what I'm wondering is if the rods will be to stiff for salmon. I do run a 18 rod spread and 8 of them are pump handles so they are under a lot of pressure when running 8-16oz lead balls with a paddle behind them. What is your opinion please let me know. 


Tight lines

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Hopefully you're not runnong solo with 18 rod spread:lol: I'm not sure from your description as far a s length and composition of the rods but at that 30-50 probably glass "boat rods" maybe 6 to 7 ft or so?


I've used many different roller rods over the years and still do for both dipsys and Seth Greens. The stiffer rods work well for Seth Green (multiple leader) rigs but they wouldn't be my first choice for salmon or dipsy rods. I use lighter weight rods for both now after years of experimenting because one of the most valuable tips about your equipment (and lures especially) is the functioning and the action of the rod tip. It gives a lot of useful information whether Seth Greening or with Dipseys and with the stiffer rods it is greatly reduced or absent. Another thing is that the larger diameter rods usually have larger and perhaps wider roller tips and there can be much more "play" at the sides of the tips.and thinner wire like 30 lb can get lodged over the edges and be a problem so you have to go to at least 60 or 90 lb wire to get away from it and then you have a lot of drag (e.g. blow back) in the water. If the rods have the cheaper aluminum sided roller tips the 30 lb can cut through the side plates as well. My suggestion would be to get roller rods that have some medium/light action at the tip and have stainless roller tips like the older Allen roller tips. Good roller tips are important and also can be expensive for Aftcos and above.

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