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Way to go. Now you have salmon fever and are hooked for life. Nothing like a 20 to 30 king screaming the clicker out a couple hundred feet on the first run. Then they turn and charge the boat at 100mph and you swear he is gone. Just have to reel like hell when you think you dropped him and when you catch up to him, he will turn and take another run. Bigger stronger fish this year then the last couple years and so many of them when they got close to my boat would just keep on swimming right on by. I can't tell you how many fish I netted on the side of the boat as he was passing the boat. Makes it tough when the bimini top is up. Kings are the closest I get to catching yellowfin tuna, albacore, yellowtail, dorado, and wahoo. I would rather catch two or three kings then catch 30 bass. Something about the line peeling that gets my adrenaline going.

Great fish and it will be the first of many more to come.

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Nice going....now you'll be vulnerable to someone playing a tape of a  screaming drag going out when you alll asleep  and laughin at you when you jump up to grab the rod....welcome to the brotherhood:lol:

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