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Sold / Closed Trophy 2160 Hardtop $5,500

Todd in NY

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The motor is a real strong 5.0L OMC, rebuilt around 5 years ago. 


It was replaced around 2012, 3 years before I bought the boat. I'm assuming they replaced it with a rebuilt motor.

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Can't part the boat out until next year, and not as long as there is interest in it. I have a local guy wanting to see the boat before it gets winterized. I'd rather sell the boat whole, but I won't let it turn into a yard ornament or flower pot.

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13 minutes ago, Plangdon said:

Hi Todd, did you end up selling? Or do you still have her?


Yep, sold it 4 years ago. The green colored "for sale" ads should be changed by the seller to a red "sold/closed" ad, which mine should show up as a red "sold/closed" ad. It's in the thread or topic title line.

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