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2017 Hunting Photo Contest- Winners!


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My 7 year old daughter has been driving me nuts to go, so put the frog toggs on and head out last night. Work some headrows in between downpours. Was reward with one!   Other pics,  My newphew first pheasant on the youth hunt this year, his smile says it all !! 

3 generations in one pic ! 




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So I took last week off to hunt, passed on a young buck last Saturday morning - then the rain came so I went to work on Monday. Tuesday morning I went behind the house and got in a stand at the edge of the swamp in a big willow tree. Stand is a little crooked  making it uncomfortable to sit or stand in for long. The wind was light and temp was comfortable so I would sit for a bit then stand which allowed me to see behind me. About 8:00 when I turned around I got the side view of a deers rump with flag up very slowly walking into the trees and brush behind me. I stood a while watching to see if the deer might pop back out. After 15 - 20 minutes I caught movement  from the swamp and a doe came in close enough for a shot but I passed. She went into the same brush about 150' closer to me than the first deer. More waiting, kind of zoned out and when I looked up again she was back out and walking straight away from me, as I watch her this guy comes out and I'm sure he's going to follow her leaving me no shot. But he decided to back track the does route and walks by me at 25 yards, when I let fly he jumped once took 10 steps, stopped, kicked at the entrance wound with his front foot once then did a back flip and was dead right there - all right in front of me.Of course I didn't bring knife or anything with me so I took a couple quick pics and walked home got my stuff and managed to get the tractor within a 150' of him without getting muddy - nice. 20" inside spread and most symmetrical racked deer I've ever got - yup he's at Clingermans and I got to find a spot on the wall by February.


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