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Genny 9/29/17 Afternoon

Started in the river just pass the CG station. Trolled to 48 FOW marked big hooks and balls of bait. Circled in front of the river from 2pm till 5pm...rain on and off. Around 6pm, saw several fish jumping on the west side of the Charlotte pier, so we made run along the pier. Hooked up a nice 20# female on a chrome bloody nose J-plug. Circled back two more times on hooked a 15# male and another 18# female, both on spoons. The day started out slow, but ended with three nice fish.



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4 hours ago, [email protected] said:

Any tips on on your behind the ball length? Or anything else? Are you out in from of the piers? I'm gonna give it a shot tomorrow mornjng

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I was 25' behind the DR balls and down 6 to 7 feet with spoons. The dipsy rod was running about the same. We were on the west side of the Charlotte pier. Plenty of marks in the river and out to 48'. Good luck!


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      Back from the ADKs and got out about 430 .   Fished 70 to 90    East wind pulled cold water up to 44 at 35 ft . Tried with no hits .    Pulled lines and headed to 220 . North troll . Getting ready to pull lines and call it and this hit a diver  at 349 ft deep and ripped out 600 ft .    I'll spare you the details of what it hit as to not offend anyone . 

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