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Current Lake reports/advice?


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Current Lake reports/advice?

Hi, guys.  I am thinking of trying the lake on Saturday, out of Irondequoit or Williamson (Hughes) and, with the decent southerly wind forecast, could probably head out a ways.  I haven't been out since the end of August.   I'm wondering if anyone has been fishing the open water lately, and could recommend starting depths.  I'm not really interested in fishing for any of the staging or spawning fish up the rivers.    Anyone doing anything out there?


Thanks in advance.


I'll probably hit a Finger Lake on Sunday before winterizing the boat.

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Thanks, Yankee Troller.

I did go out of Hughes on Saturday and caught a decent steelie pretty quickly over 120 on a planer board on a caramel dolphin spoon with a couple splitshots. I thought we were going to have a decent day, but it was a slow afternoon. We picked up a nice brown down 50 over 220 fow, and that was it.

On Sunday we launched out of Irondequoit and fished the shallow water for an hour and a half without a bite, so we headed over to the Genny and trolled it for a bit, running jplugs and spoons. No action, despite the marks. Saw a couple other boats working the same water, and only saw guys reeling in to change what they were offering.

Nice days on the water, though. 

Thanks for the reply.

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