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for sale : usa boat trolling stuff/gps chips

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boat trolling stuff/gps chips

i have a navionics hot maps premium east msd/micro msd part #usgbu7nelxg1us,1 year old,works in numerous different gps,check  navionics site for compatability,$75.00 shipped.i have 2 navionics c/f chips,i bought an old gps years ago and these came with it,i never did try them,so if you buy and they dont work,send them back to me and i will refund your money.$20.00 each.1 is for the hudson river,part#us240t08 and the other is for the west end of lake o,part #us289s08.

- pair of big jon horizontal triple rod holders,there is a "quick draw" holder on each for dipsies.$250.00

-pair of canon gimbal rigger mounts.$50..00

-complete out rigger set-up for a hard top.just removed these from my boat,i believe they are taco's,the poles measure 20 feet when fully extended.they come with the rigging.$500.00

-yamaha 703 control box,i used this for my 9.9 kicker.$50.00.

if interested or for more info.shoot me a p.m.



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I was planning on plugging them in tonight but it took longer than I thought it would to get the boat in storage. I’ll give them a try on Sunday. I have to go to Ohio with a friend to pick up his boat this weekend.

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Yea, I just got my boat winterized!! i had slush in the water bottles under my cover, so I put a hot light under the oil pan and you could see the block dry off as the motor oil heated up. Then I took the plugs out and water pump hose, and the power steering cooler. I blew all the lines out with a big air compressor, so,all that is taken care of. I held out till now with this cold forecast, last week we were talking mid 60's.

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