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Cayuga Trolling bite shut down

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Trolling bite shut down

So I am new to this style of fishing.  I just started to understand some of this fishing and it shuts down. Does it typically do this in the fall to winter months. If so when does it generally pick back up. Or am I totally off and they are still hitting just not what I am doing lol. Thank you for your input in advance. 

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Your not alone.   it gets slow this time of year depending on what your fishing for.  The Salmon and Browns are spawning, tough bite for most.  They should be done come December.   This will be my first winter I will be able to troll so I don't know when the bite picks back up but I know when they leave the creeks! 

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The bite is tough sometimes in the fall, and all year long. You could have a personal best day, But sometimes despite your best efforts, hardly anything will bite. Everybody on this forum has had at least 1 day where they didn’t catch a fish and hardly moved a rod.
Keep trying. Trust your electronics and learn to use them. Speed is critical. ****, 3 weeks ago we got skunked but as we pulling the gear, we played a bottom of the 10th smb to bite on the last rigger spoon as I reeled her in. Saved the day but. I wasn’t fishing for bass.

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