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Great start with young dog


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That's great. Its even better when they are 2-3 years old and things start to click. My younger black lab dog is 3 this year and has been great on pheasants, grouse and woodcock this year. We finally got her into a decent duck hunt and she would watch birds in the air but wasn't marking falls real well, need to do some work on that. But she was watching birds a lot, not whining and staying well when we shot.

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On 10/30/2017 at 10:21 PM, onion said:

I certainly look forward to when he has more training. He is not great at sitting in a blind

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No worries on that, I'm sure he'll catch on. My cousin has this particular technique, disciplined his Lab while having fun, they would usually play fetch using a few dog toys. The tyke loved him more due to that, and became great at retrieving shot ducks for him.

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working on sitting outside of the blind when there's a lot of distractions helped a lot for me. I always made Dutch sit in one spot while I made dinner and banged around in the kitchen. Or when I was working on something in the shop, and that transferred elsewhere. It helps them learn to watch activity without moving. Having a small space that's hard for them to get off of helps too, a training table or whatever. I used my workbench or couch ottoman. He's pretty rock solid in a blind now.

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