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Bulk ammo ?


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 Targetsports USA.. They are one of the few that still ships to NY state.. Most don't anymore although its perfectly legal to do so.. their prices were the BEST out of all the online retailers, WAYYY cheaper than local shops or big box stores, and they ship FREE, no sales tax.. We just bought 2000 rounds of .380 for $400.

 thats  $20 for  100 rounds, or $10 for 50 rounds ..  It was brass case Remington ammo..

The  BEST we could do locally anywhere was about $15   plus tax for 50 rounds in bulk, for CRAP, steel case, Eastern European rounds..

Good .380 ammo starts about $17 for 50 rounds locally .. Target Sports USA made all other retailers look silly with both their prices, and their excellent service... I am DONE buying ammo anywhere else... bob


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Order it from Cabelas when it goes on sale. They hit you with Hazmat and shipping fees, but if you buy a good volume. it reduces the cost. Usually look for their bulk deals for ammo boxes with 10,000 rounds or more to make it halfway reasonable. maybe get together with other shooters in your area and do a million round purchase and divvy up?    if there is a Bass Pro or Cabelas near you you can have them ship to store to save on shipping costs but they still hit you with hazmat which is stupid since there truck is going there anyway.


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2 hours ago, Neo1945 said:

Thank you Bulletbob, you solved my problem.

 Glad  to help.. In this state guns and gun owners are despised, with an unreasonable hatred,, NY city dwellers  want NO guns allowed in this state, and we always elect governors that are more than happy to oblige..  Believe me they are working on plans like California  has where every round you buy is  monitored and you need a permit to simply purchase ammo.. When that day arrives, I'm out of here... bob

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