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Poaching = destructive harvesting with little respect of the resource !   One wonders how much habitat loss in the late 1880s played in the demise of the Atlantic salmon when we heard of the pointless slaughter of the fish !
Biology 101 : biology has natural ups and downs of all species  ; if the species suffers an added attack  eg. Poaching it may disappear !
Other examples : the turkey was wiped out in Ontario not in NYS !  
           Walleye : over harvested and poached !
     The deer population is down in the Niagara peninsula Ont. How can we prove it ie not due to poaching .

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On 11/17/2017 at 7:43 PM, shawn393 said:

browns are native to Europe. the only trout native to new york are lakers and brookies 

Lakers are not trout. They are char

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